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bumper-to-bumper 保险杠对保险杠 双语对照 词典结果: bumper-to-bumper [英]['bʌmpərt'əb'ʌmpər][美]['bʌmpərt'əb'ʌmpər] adj.一辆接一辆的;

bumper-to-bumper [英]['bʌmpərt'əb'ʌmpər][美]['bʌmpərt'əb'ʌmpər] adj.一辆接一辆的; 网络释义 1. 一辆接一辆 2. 一辆接一辆的 . 很高兴为你解答! 如有不懂,请追问。 谢谢!

bumper to bumper warranty 保险杠到保险杠 双语对照 例句: 1. I'm sorry. The traffic was bumper to bumper. 对不起,又交通堵塞了。 2. How does state law relate to this warranty? 与质保相关的国家法律有哪些?


bumpter是汽车上的保险杠,当保险杠碰保险杠的时候意味着汽车几乎都挨在一起了,所以bumpter to bumpter的意思就是堵车堵得很严重

Chandler说出这句,是顺着上一句Ross讲的话,开了Ross一个玩笑,因为Carol说迟到的原因是“I was looking at stuffed animals, and Susan wanted a Chunky...

Front spoiler with bumper cover 头唇连保险杠 例句 I want to buy Bumper Cover ,pls contact us for your details,tks. 我想采购汽车保险杠 A new rear wing and apron, larger front grill, new front spoiler, large fender extensions, an...

这里是应该是拆开讲才符合语义,相当于get on,意思是我想坐碰碰车。用play的话后面要加介词in或on。

come to grips with 对付,处理; 例句 1、China will allow only the bare minimum tax-free imports of cotton next year as it triesto come to grips with a mountain of state reserves, adding to the pressure on cottonprices already d...

bumper cars是碰碰车,可数名词。为什么有s和没s要看这2个句子的上下文语境。

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